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Nundawaga District Award of Merit





1965 Charles Chastek
Anthony LaBarbara
Silver Springs
Mt. Morris
1966 Roy E. Austen
Frank Ricotta
1967 Gordon E. Morse
Rev. Lester Wilcox
Angelo F. Scura
Mt. Morris
1968 William T. Bruyere
Franklynn M. Stephenson
LaVerne J. Spring
1969 Donald Gibson
Mr.& Mrs. John Wilcox
1970 John E. Jackson
Martin Gilbride
1971 Robert Thompson
Arnold Palmer
Hilda Vasciannie
South Lima
1972 Elaine Thompson
Maynard Parlett
William Boyd
South Lima
1973 Robert French
David Hawley
1975 Edward Lewandowski
Jean Swart
North Java
1976 Douglas Johnson
Andrew J. Meekin
Edward & Homosella Lowrey
1977 J. David Konopka
Doris Boyd
1978 Bill Monson
Arlie Bennett
Ray Van Duesen
1979 Pat & Rich Critcher
Jeannette Stevens
East Avon
1980 Ronald Ayers
Jake Dziekonski
1981 Bob Jesse East Avon
1982 W. Jay Humphrey III
Virginia Burnside
1983 Fred Hermansen
Cindy Semmell
1984 Bob Ossont
Nancy Grisewood
Mt. Morris
1985 Paul Sick
Bryon Fisher
George Winspear
1986 John Stevenson
Ron Walker
Audrey Brown
1987 Greg Johnson
Paula Knitter
Ken Strathearn
1988 Jeanne Yencer
Russell Hooper
Bob Ciecierega
1989 Roger Van Valkenburg
Jim Thomson
1990 Tom Gillette
Edward Hopkins
1992 Russ Genco Mt. Morris
1993 Bryan French
Mary Jane Halstead
Pat Rountree
Alan Duefee
Tim Bucknam
Russ Johnson
1994 Dan Murray
John Kent
Peggy Kent
Hugh H. Ten Hagen (Finger Lakes Council)
North Java
1995 Irene DeClerck
Jack Vosburg
Silver Springs
1996 Rick Tiede
Ruth Herring
1997 Charles Feller
Donald Chapman
Frank Jester
1998 Janice Ayers
Jack Kladke
Craig Nobbs
1999 John Hettrick
James Barrett
2000 Beth Feuerstein
Mel Sonnleitner
2001 Bob Stallworth
Scott Hulburt
2002 Bill Louvain
Robin Louvain
2003 Alice Barrett
Ted Anderson
2004 Jean Rosier
Cindy Parker
2005 Fred Scoville
Peter Leblond
2006 Clinton Schwab
Scott Gage
2007 Jim Feuerstein
Sandy Streb
2008 Cathy Smith
Guye Smith
2009 Rich Donegan
Scott Canaan
2010 Jim Yencer
Paul Fleming
2011 None Presented
2012 Steve Stoddard Castile
2013 Neil Thompson Groveland
2014 Daniel Cochrane Avon
2015 Renee & John Sykes
Gordon Lew
2016 District Award of Merit Form

Boypower Distinguished Citizens

2015 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee John Riter
Livingston Rick French
Niagara Margo Sue and James Bittner
Orleans Robert and Eric Brown
Wyoming John Noble
2015 Distinguished Citizens Bio’s
2014 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee William Hayes
Livingston Craig Bolesky
Niagara Peter Robinson
Orleans Jodi Gaines
Wyoming James Rutowski
2014 Distinguished Citizens Bio’s
2013 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Richard Mancuso
Livingston Matthew Cole
Niagara Dan Wilson
Orleans James Miles
Wyoming Larry Rogers
2013 Distinguished Citizens Bio’s
2012 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Betty Lapp
Livingston James Culbertson
Niagara Ken Kaufman & Michelle Farina
Orleans David Bellavia
Wyoming Mitchell McLaughlin
2012 Distinguished Citizens Bio’s
2011 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee William R. Fritts, Jr.
Livingston Richard A. Ash
Niagara Daniel Bragg
Orleans Roger Hungerford
Wyoming Mark Merrill
2010 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Paul J. Battaglia
Livingston Dr. Thomas E. Matthews
Niagara Glen C. Miller
Orleans Dr. Ada Grabowski
Wyoming Norbert Fuest
2009 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Craig Yunker
Livingston Carl Lutz
Niagara Kevin Robison
Orleans Nathan Pace
Wyoming Richard Henry
2008 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Sheriff Gary Maha
Livingston Kevin Dougherty
Niagara Robert Hagen
Orleans Marsha Winters
Wyoming Russell and Janet Miller
Distinguished Citizens Bio’s
2007 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Paul Boylan
Livingston Robert Savage
Niagara William B. May
Orleans Dr. Thomas J. Madejski
Wyoming Frank Vitagliano
2006 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Lynn E. Browne
Livingston John M. York
Niagara Thomas A. Beilein
Orleans Frank R. Berger
Wyoming Hon. Mark H. Dadd
2005 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee James W. Fulmer
Livingston Philip Saunders
Niagara John Murphy
Orleans Dr. Arthur W. Mruczek, Sr.
Wyoming Kathleen Balus
2004 Distinguished Citizen
County Recipient(s)
Council Wide Hon. Barber Conable
2003 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Gary C. Stich
Livingston Joseph Bucci
Niagara Grigg-Lewis Foundation
Orleans Hon. Charles Nesbitt
Wyoming Michael F. Griffith
2002 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee John M. Quincey
Livingston Gerald Christiano
Niagara Carl J. Licata
Orleans Jerome F. Pawlak
Wyoming Brenda L. Copeland
2001 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Jerry Reinhart
Livingston Carol Carey
Niagara Hon. David Seaman
Orleans Hon. David Callard
Wyoming Larry Rogers
2000 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Richard C. Call
Livingston Patrick Rountree
Niagara Thomas Weeks
Orleans Marcia Tuohey
Wyoming Howard Payne
1999 Distinguished Citizens
County Recipient(s)
Genesee Joseph Mancuso
Livingston George Traber III
Niagara Norman Sinclair
Orleans Henry J. Pawlak
Wyoming Lewis Serventi

2015 Silver Beaver Awards

2015 Silver Beaver Honorees
2015 Silver Beaver Honorees

John G. Maier (Rapids), Linda J. Wohlers (Clarendon) and Donald H. Morris (Batavia)

2015 Silver Beaver Recipients

Three volunteers were honored with the Council’s highest award, the Silver Beaver Award. Honorees are John G. Maier (Rapids), Linda J. Wohlers (Clarendon) and Donald H. Morris (Batavia).

The Silver Beaver is a National BSA award presented by the local Council for distinguished service to youth. Each of this year’s recipients is a long-tenured volunteer who has also made significant contributions by way of service to his or her local community.

Linda Wohlers’ 20-year scouting history includes a variety of roles including Tiger Leader, Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Cubmaster, Commissioner, and Committee Member. Her experience and sure-handed leadership helped to ensure that the local Cub Scout program continued to thrive, even long after her own son had grown. As a testament to her effectiveness, the current Webelos leader had this to say: “…I knew that she would be a positive influence on our young son. Her demeanor and enthusiasm for Scouting influenced me to sign him up on the spot.” This leader’s admiration for our honoree has only grown over the past several years. Beyond Local Scouting, she has served as a Unit Commissioner for more than a decade. In addition to providing coaching for her local pack and troop, as part of the commissioner team she helped to ease the transition when the district borders were realigned to create the Seneca District. Outside of Scouting, she has played an active role in her community. At Disciples Methodist Church she has been a Youth Mentor, Sunday School Teacher, and a member of the Church Board. An active member of the Clarendon Historical Society, she has helped to coordinate several Eagle Scout and other Scouting service projects such as painting the ‘Old Schoolhouse’ and other historic sites. She is a past recipient of the Cubmaster Award, Den Leader Award, Commissioner Arrowhead, Commissioner’s Key, and Distinguished Commissioner Service Awards, as well as the District Award of Merit.

John Maier’s Scouting history includes current roles as a Cubmaster, Troop Committee Member and Merit Badge counselor. A former Webelos leader, he is also an active member of the camp promotions team, district training team, and commissioner staff. His passion and dedication to the Cub Scout program has helped to ensure that his pack has achieved more than 20% membership growth in each of the past 3 years, and is now the largest pack in Towpath District; this is especially notable since local school enrollment and overall Cub Scout membership has declined over that time. In addition to his local pack leadership, he stepped in to help with a neighboring town’s struggling Cub program, and served for more than 2 years as their mentor. That pack is now on a solid footing and growing in membership under its own trained leadership. His support for other packs helped him to be selected as a 2012 recipient of the Towpath District Award of Merit. An avid outdoorsman and Geocaching enthusiast, he has been a member of the Allied Sportsmen of WNY for 15 years, and served as a Hunter Safety Instructor for 10 years. He has used those skills to benefit Scouting as well, first as the BB range officer for Towpath Day Camp, and more recently as Director for the Towpath Day Camp for the past 3 seasons as well as the upcoming summer season. He has routinely inspired more than 75% of his own pack to attend camp, and has also lent a hand as an indispensable member of the camp promotions team, using his infectious enthusiasm to help other packs to get their Cub Scouts to camp, all of which has helped the Iroquois Trail Council to lead the Northeast Region Area 3 councils in Cub Scout camping participation. His son Nathan is now a 1st Class Scout and his grandson is a member of the Cub Scout pack. Together with his wife MaryLou, son Nathan, and daughters Amanda and Bonnie, our recipient is sure to remain a vital member of the local Scouting family for many years to come.

Donald Morris has served the whole family of scouting with exemplary dedication. Over the past 40- plus years he has been involved in Scouting with 3 different local councils; Finger Lakes, New York; Blue Grass Council, Kentucky; and most recently Iroquois Trail. His service includes tenure as a Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Member, Commissioner, Order of the Arrow Advisor, National Jamboree Scoutmaster and Commissioner, and coordinator or staff member for weekend events too numerous to mention here. Currently a Unit Commissioner, he is also an active member of the ‘DeWalt Crew’, helping with various camp improvement projects. Over the past several years, our Cub Scouts at Resident Camp and our 3 Day Camps have all benefitted from his handiwork, as he has taken on the majority of the prep work for camp crafts including shields, catapults, and other woodworking projects. His community service reaches well beyond Scouting. If you haven’t met him at camp, day camp, an Order of the Arrow activity or at a weekend event, it’s because he was either busy coordinating the Salvation Army Red Kettle drive or away from home together with his wife volunteering as a disaster relief worker after hurricanes and floods in Virginia, Florida, Texas, New York, or Alabama as part of the Salvation Army Disaster Team. A member of the American Legion and active member of the Masonic Lodge, he also serves as a Trustee and Deacon of Batavia’s Emmanuel Baptist Church. In 2013 the Church recognized him with the Good Shepherd Religious Award. A Wood Badge trained Scouter, he is a past recipient of the District Award of Merit, the Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor and Founders Award.

2015 Annual Meeting / Recognition Dinner

At the January 31, 2015 Annual Awards Dinner the Iroquois Trail Council was pleased to recognize many individuals and units for their outstanding work to support our Scout youth.  Thanks to the efforts of our 1,300 Scouting volunteers, the Council has much to celebrate.
•    The Council has earned the Gold Level 2014 National Journey to Excellence Award for service to youth and high program performance.
•    Local Youth Retention rates and market share lead all upstate New York BSA councils.
•    Summer Camp participation of local Cubs and Scouts leads all upstate New York BSA councils.
•    Trained Volunteer Leader percentage has had a double-digit increase in the past two years.
•    Major investments in our camp properties continue to be fully privately funded.
•    The Council is financially sound with a balanced operating budget and capital budget.
Local Scouting Units were recognized in several categories:

Highest Youth Retention Rate – 2014 Charter Renewal    100%    Pack 3023    Middleport
Highest Youth Retention Rate – 2014 Charter Renewal    90%    Troop 4070    Geneseo
90%     Troop 6066    Indian Falls
Largest Growth in Troop Membership              Troop 4054    Castile
Largest Growth in Pack Membership                 Pack 3023    Middleport
Honorable Mention – Pack Growth of 10 or more youth

Pack 4027    Caledonia
Pack 3067    Wilson
Pack 3018    Gasport
Pack 3071    Rapids


Highest Advancement Rate & Member Growth            Troop 4748    Fillmore
Highest Advancement Rate & Member Growth            Pack 3175    West Barre
Honorable Mention – High Advancement Rate

Pack 3067    Wilson
Pack 3023    Middleport
Pack 3028    Medina


Highest Overall Percent Attendance at Summer Camps        Pack 3004    Lockport
Highest Percent Attendance at Camp Dittmer        Troop 28, Medina & Troop 6021, LeRoy
Highest Percent Attendance at Camp Sam Wood    Pack 6650, Alexander & Pack 6066, Indian Falls
Honorable Mention – Overall Summer Camp Attendance > 90%

Pack 3071 Rapids
Pack 6069, Batavia

Popcorn Sales

Highest Average Sales per Youth Member:

Pack 3004, Lockport with $490 per member
Troop 6067, Corfu with $507 per member

2014 marked the 8th consecutive year that Pack 3004 has set the pace for our youth members.
Pack 3004, Lockport also has the distinction of top sales of $22,000, which will go a long way to help them to fund an ideal year of Cub Scout program!

Pace-Setters with the largest gain in sales: Pack 3006, Lockport; Pack 3071, Rapids; Pack 3062, Holley
High Sales Average Honorable Mention with sales of over $300 per youth member:
Pack 3006, Lockport; Pack 3071, Rapids; Pack 6467, Pembroke; Pack 6069, Batavia

Webelos Scout Tyler Mutka (Pembroke Pack 6467) was recognized as our 2014 Top Popcorn Seller. Tyler’s sales of $4,238 have made him our top seller for 4 consecutive years. In addition to the dollars he raised for his Cub Scout program, Tyler is a member of the national “Trail’s End Scholarship Club”. A portion of his current and future sales will be invested by Trail’s End toward either college or technical education after high school.

14 local Scouts are now invested in the Trail’s End Scholarship Club. Cub Scout Ethan Nelson (Avon Pack 4026) and Cub Scout Cameron Kreger (Lockport Pack 3004) are newly enrolled in the scholarship program for their 2014 sales. Each had sales in excess of $2,500.

Friends of Scouting Pacesetters

Pack 6019, Oakfield
Pack 6017, Elba;
Troop 6067, Corfu
Troop 4054, Castile
Troop 164, Albion

Veteran Scouters
Many Scouters were recognized with Veteran Awards for their long-tenured Scouting membership, including David Hawley (Warsaw) – 60 years; Ronald Schmidt (Batavia) – 30 years; Peter Scarborough (Gasport) – 20 years; Joy Costello (Nunda) – 5 years.
Endowment – James E. West Awards

Council President Emeritus Dr. Thomas Madejski announced the upcoming launch of an Endowment Campaign. As a prelude to the campaign, Council President Robert Confer was pleased to recognize James Barrett with a James E. West Bronze award for an endowment gift in his honor. President Confer also presented Dr. Thomas and Sandra Madejski with the Gold Level James E. West award for their lead gift of $10,000 to the Endowment Fund.

Thank you to Eagle Scout Spencer Cottman (Pavilion Troop 6016) for serving as emcee for the Awards Dinner.

2014 Silver Beaver Awards

2014 Silver Beaver Honorees
2014 Silver Beaver Honorees

Joseph Marr (Livonia), Lavern Lamkin (Indian Falls) and Karen Williams (Albion)

2014 Silver Beaver Recipients

Silver Beaver Awards Three volunteers were honored with the Council’s highest award, the Silver Beaver Award. This year’s Honorees are Karen Williams (Albion), Lavern Lamkin (Indian Falls), and Joseph Marr (Livonia).

The Silver Beaver is a National BSA award presented by the local Council for distinguished service to youth. Each of this year’s recipients is a long-tenured volunteer who has also made significant contributions by way of service to his or her local community.

Karen Williams has served the whole family of scouting with exemplary dedication. She has served the Holy Family Church and their scouting partners with the Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, and Venturing Crew. Her Church service includes many years as a Sunday School Teacher, helping with the Confirmation classes and First Communions, and leadership to the Holy Family annual lawn/sidewalk fair.

In the 10 plus years she has been involved in Scouting she has become a leader in the Cub Pack and now in the Troop, while also serving on the District Level. For 8 years she has been involved with the Seneca District Day Camp, serving most recently as Camp Director.

She has also chaired the past 4 Council Spook-o-Ree events. Her dedication to the scouting program can be seen in her three sons who are all actively working hard on their path to Eagle. She has always taken an active role in helping them along their scouting careers and is very supportive of all the activities they are involved in. A U.S. Army Veteran and a trained Dental Hygienist. She is a single mother of three boys, and still makes the time to be active in both Scouting and her Church community. Karen is a past recipient of the District Award of Merit.

Lavern Lamkin’s long scouting history includes tenure as a Scoutmaster and Merit badge counselor.A member of the Indian Falls United Methodist Church for over 50 years, he is known for his quiet yet prominent dedication. He is active in the upkeep of the facilities and the finances, as well as an active participant in many of the Church functions, serving as treasurer, usher, Sunday school teacher, and taking the lead on Scout Sunday services since 1999.

While working in the quality control field he also worked 150 acres of farmland. This has certainly fostered not only his love of the outdoors and land stewardship, but also his dedication to hard work and perseverance. He has always given his undivided time and devotion in helping boys on their journey to becoming men along the scouting trail to Eagle. Along the way he has cultivated their scouting spirit, and has helped to plant in them the seed of cheerful service.

Scouting has been a long standing tradition in his family. His father and namesake was once Scoutmaster of the same troop, and his brother is heavily involved in the Cub Scout pack. He has visited several National Jamborees and has been to Philmont Scout Ranch. An Eagle Scout, he has been a member of the Order of the Arrow for over 50 years; he is a Vigil Honor Member and received the Order’s Founder’s Award in 2013.

Joseph Marr has always played an active role in his community including being a Trustee with his American Legion Post. He’s also served as a youth basketball coach, helped his daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and has served as a mentor for the God and Me program. He has also served as an active member of the Elk’s Lodge and Veterans of Foreign Wars. His 20 year scouting history includes a myriad of roles including Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, and most recently both Scoutmaster and Cubmaster. Beyond Local Scouting, he has served as a District Chairman, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, and Merit Badge Counselor for several districts and councils. He currently serves as a member of the Nundawaga District Committee and is a Merit Badge Counselor and staff member for Nundawaga’s Cub Scout Day Camp, where he ran the BB range.

As a Scoutmaster his recently formed Troop has been active in camping and council activities. Over the last 2 years they have also seen significant growth in membership and their Troop recently celebrated with their first Eagle Scout. As part of the District Committee he has helped with providing Training to both Boy Scout and Cub Scout Leaders in the District and has been an active member of the Roundtable Staff. A Wood Badge trained Scouter and member of the Order of the Arrow; he is a past recipient of both the Scoutmaster Award of Merit and District Award of Merit.