100 Years of Eagles 1910 - 2010

100 Years of Eagles 1910 - 2010

Dear Scouters.

A volunteer has create the lists below of some 2,828 Eagle scouts who attainted their Eagle rank from 1910 -2010. As you all know, computers have not been around since 1910. This information have been collected and entered over time into the national database.

Many attempt were made to check the information for duplicates or typos, but we expect some information could to be missing or spotty depending on when the Eagle rank was achieved. These lists only includes Eagle scouts up to December 31st, 2010 and were given Eagle in the this area. (Council 376).

Scouts Name

This is the name entered from the original paperwork. Some were first name, last initial or first initial, last name. Efforts were made to find the original paperwork and correct the name, but were not available.


This is the date of their Eagle Board of Review or the date they joined NESA.


This is the town that the troop is or was associated with. In some cases, it some cases, it was the Chartering Organization town, not the town where the troop held their meetings.


This is the troop number at the time they received Eagle. Some towns have multiple troops or their numbers have changed over time due to mergers, etc.

If you find any missing or incorrect information, please be prepared to provide supporting documentation and contact information to the Webmaster.

1910 - 2010 Eagles By Date (PDF)

1910 - 2010 Eagles By Town - No Breaks (PDF)

1910 - 2010 Eagles By Town - With Breaks (PDF)

1910 - 2010 Eagles (Excel File)

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