Be A Scout - Unit Setup

Introducing BeAScout

Everything you need to put your unit on the map

BeAScout is a web-based tool that uses the power of Google maps and pins to let people find your unit quickly.  BeAScout will:

  • Boost recruiting and membership efforts; all council marketing materials for the fall will direct people to the BeAScout web address
  • Make it easy for families to find and connect with your unit
  • Allow families to send messages and helps leaders manage “leads”
  • Provide a tool for leaders to find information about other units (BeAScout will become part of the Membership and District pages)

Every unit gets an identifier pin of their own

To make it work, your unit’s pin should be customized to show things like:

  • Unit name
  • Chartering organization
  • Meeting place name and address
  • Day and times of meetings
  • Special messages
  • Names of contacts, with optional phone numbers

Is your unit's pin customized?  If not, leaders can go online and customize the information that shows in their unit's locator.

Here's how to customize your unit’s pin

  • Get started now: download the training presentation, follow the instructions to log in to MyScouting and manage your unit’s pin
  • Contact your District Director/Executive and ask for their help

Help parents find your unit and get new members

Once BeAScout is fully operational in mid-August, parents of prospective members can go online, enter their address and see “pins” on an area map representing Packs, Troops or Crews near where they live. They can also send a request indicating their interest in a unit. Leaders can then follow up on leads to generate new members.

Additional BeAScout Resources

BeAScout Screen-by-Screen Training Presentation  (PDF )

HTML tutorial

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