My Best Friend is a Scout

My Best Friend is a Scout

This a new program developed to help friends of current Cub Scouts to get in on the action of Scouting.  We have designed some new materials and approaches to help your pack recruit boys into the great program that your pack offers, a program that will positively affect the lives of the boys and their families!
The basic thought of this program is to get your current Cub Scouts to help recruit their friends into the pack.  Studies show that your current Cub Scouts will stay involved if they are participating with their friends. We have always had a boys recruit boys philosophy, but we have never given them the tools, and taught them how to use them, to be good salesmen for Cub Scouts! This year we are counting on you to help them become salesmen for Scouting.
The "My Best Friend Is a Scout!" campaign is designed to give your Cub Scouts some recruitment tools, and the desire, to recruit their two best friends to join Scouting with them. Your current Cub Scouts will have more fun if their friends join with them, and they will stay in Scouting longer. There will be less negative peer pressure when their friends are also Scouts.
The program should work as follows:

1. The pack receives Fall Cub Scout Roundup materials, along with the new recruiting tools for Cub Scouts. There will be an envelope with the materials for each Cub Scout.

2. Either the pack, or preferably the den, will have a meeting prior to the recruitment event to teach the Cub Scouts how to use the new tools. Be sure to review the How to Use the Materials flier.

3. The leader plays a very important role by making sure that the Cub Scouts fill in the blanks on the new materials that they will give to their two best friends.

4. The leader will also follow a short syllabus that will get the current Cub Scouts thinking about all the fun things they did last year. Getting the Cub Scouts to remember all these things now will refresh their memories and they should tell their two best friends about these fun activities when they give them the invitation.

5. At the meeting be sure that all the materials are filled out, and that the Cub Scouts know what to do with the invitations and business cards. Give them the Parent Information flier to give to their parents, which explains the program and how parents can help.

6. On the evening before the recruitment meeting call each family and remind the parent, or the Cub Scout, to bring the business card reminder to school for their two best friends.

7. Recognize any Scouts that recruit a friend by giving them the My Best Friend Is a Scout

My best friend is a Scout Flier


Overview of the Plan - Note to Leaders
Notes to Parents
Instructions on Using the Materials
Den Meeting Training Outline (teaching the boys!)
Commitment Card
Reminder Cards

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