Tana-wis-qua Campsite


This newly developed campsite is available for use starting Jan. 1. 2011.

Tana-wis-qua was largely funded by Ashokwahta Lodge and built by the lodge members called the Dewalt Crew.
The site contains 6 lean-to’s with 4 bunks each with a rebuilt larger hut that also contains 4 bunks.

All units have a door opening that is covered with fire retardant canvas that can be slid shut to keep out the weather.

Total bunks space for the site is 28 cots. Rental fee will be $75.00 per week-end
Call the Batavia Office to reserve 585-343-0307

Tana-wis-qua Informational Flier (PDF)

Site Photos

 Six lean-to’s

fire retardant canvas door
4 Bunks per Lean-to

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