2014 Annual Meeting / Recognition Dinner

Iroquois Trail Council Celebrates Volunteer Service at Annual Dinner

At the February 1st, 2014 Annual Awards Dinner the Iroquois Trail Council was pleased to recognize many individuals and units for their outstanding work to support our Scout youth.

Thanks to the efforts of our 1,328 Scouting volunteers, the Council has much to celebrate.

The Council achieved the Silver Level of performance for the National Journey to Excellence Award.
Strong participation of local youth; 23% of local boys are Cub Scouts, and more than 20% of local young men in grades 6-8 are Boy Scouts.

    An increase in the number of new Cub Scouts over the prior year.
    Summer Camp participation of local Cubs and Scouts leads all central and western New York BSA councils.
    Major investments in our camp properties continue to be fully privately funded.
    The Council is financially sound with a balanced operating budget and capital budget.

Local Scouting Units were recognized in several categories:


Highest Youth Retention Rate:

Pack 4747 (Fillmore) – 86%
Pack 6017 (Elba) – 87%
Troop 23 (Middleport) – 92%
Troop 6031 (Bergen) – 92%

Greatest % Growth Dec 2012 – Dec 2013:

Pack 3175 (W Barre) – 61% - net 11
Pack 3071 (Rapids) – 47% - net 12
Troop 4026 (Avon) – 24% - net 8
Troop 4074 (Livonia) – 90% - net 10

Scouter Bill Brown (Batavia) was recognized with the William D. Boyce Unit Organizer Award for his help in starting Venture Crew 786 at the LeRoy’s Oatka Fish & Game Club.


Highest % Attendance – Cub Resident Camp at Sam Wood:

Pack 3175 (W Barre) & Pack 6650 (Alexander) – each with 81% participation

Highest Combined % Attendance – Day Camp & Cub Resident Camping:

Pack 3071 (Rapids) & Pack 6069 (Batavia) – each with 100% overall participation

Highest % Attendance – Camp Dittmer:

Troop 22 (Newfane) & Troop 23 (Middleport) – each with 90%

Friends of Scouting Pacesetters

Several Packs and Troops were recognized for their strong support of the Council’s 2013 Friends of Scouting donor campaign. They led the way in percentage of families who made a financial pledge of support for Council operations.

Pack 6069 (Batavia); Troop 60 (Albion); Troop 4174 (Livonia)

Popcorn Sales

Highest Average Sales per Youth Member:        

Pack 3004 (Lockport) with $418 per member                                                                                                Troop 6006 (Batavia) with $290 per member
Pack 4026 (Avon) claimed the distinction of top unit sales of $21,239.

Pack 3004 (Lockport) finished a close second. This is the 7th consecutive year that Pack 3004 has met their budget goals by being the council’s sales leader in per member sales.

Pace-Setters – with the largest gain in sales:

Pack 3028 (Medina)

Pack 4077 (Nunda)

Sales growth honorable mention to Pack 4027 (Caledonia) and Pack 4044 (Perry)

Honorable mention to Pack 6467 (Pembroke), Pack 6069 (Batavia), Troop 6066 (Indian Falls) and Troop 6067 (Corfu) for the 2nd & 3rd highest sales per member among packs and troops.  Each of these packs and troops has an excellent rate of family participation in the sale to help the pack & troop meet its budget goals.

Bear Cub Tyler Mutka(Pembroke Pack 6467) was recognized as our 2013 Top Popcorn Seller. Tyler’s sales topped $4,500.

In addition to the dollars he raised for his Cub Scout pack, Tyler is enrolled in the national “Trail’s End Scholarship Club”. A portion of his current and future sales will be invested by Trail’s End toward either college or technical education after high school. Cub Scout Aiden Harding(Perry Pack 4044) and Cub Scout Ethan Nelson (Avon Pack 4026) also qualified for the scholarship program with their 2013 sales. Twelve local Scouts are now invested in the Trail’s End Scholarship Club.

Veteran Scouters

Many Scouters were recognized with Veteran Awards for their long-tenured Scouting membership, including Frank Berger (Medina) – 65 years; Albert Platten (Corfu) – 60 years; Dr. Nadene Hunter (Dansville), Joseph Baschnagel (Cambria) – 50 years; Douglas Johnson (Geneseo) – 45 years;  David Servizi (Newfane), Mel Sonnleitner (Fillmore) – 25 years; Melville Hunter (Dansville), Robin Louvain (Geneseo), Joseph and Kathryn Marr (Livonia), Clinton Schwab (Castile)  – 20 years, and Thomas Cicero (Castile), Richard Donegan (Lima), Lucinda Parker (Castile), and Sandra Streb (York-Leicester) – 15 years.

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