2011 Award for Heroism

Bryce Lanighan heard a loud crash and saw sparks on the road by his Lockport home last March 17, 2011. Bryce sensed something was wrong. He and his parents went out to investigate. Bryce could hear Kevin Robison coughing and moaning by the side of the dark road.

The Lanighan family alerted the police. Mercy Flight was called and Robison was taken to Erie County Medical Center. He had a broken thumb, a smashed face and hypothermia. It could have been much worse if he had lingered by the road. “I could have bled out,” Robison said Saturday when Bryce was presented with a Certificate of Meritorious Service from the national Boy Scouts of America. The honor was given to Bryce during the annual meeting of the five-county Iroquois Trail Council. Robison, 57, is a long time Scouting volunteer, having served as a Scoutmaster for 12 years and a District chairman for six years. His motorcycle wasn’t found until the day after the crash, about 300 yards from where he lay by the road..

He thanked Bryce for finding him on a cold March day almost a year ago. “He could have looked the other way, but he didn’t,” Robison said.

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