About our site


 The purpose of the Iroquois Trail Council Web site is:

·                         To promote a single unified presence for Iroquois Trail Council on the Internet.


·                         To promote online access to information regarding Iroquois Trail Council programs, camps, special events, training, Council staff and district activities.


·                         To encourage communications between Iroquois Trail Council and its Scouts, Scouters and Scouting Professionals.


Internet Policy


It is the policy of Iroquois Trail Council that all Web site material and information associated with, linked from, or utilizing the Iroquois Trail Council name or logos, be approved by the Iroquois Trail Council through the Scout Executive or his designated representative and conform to the following guidelines:



·                         All documents, illustrations, photographs and linked material must conform to the highest principles, policies and traditions of the Boy Scouts of America and the Iroquois Trail Council.


·                         "All artwork, ideas, and designs are property of their respective authors & artists."


·                         All requests for hosting, linking, or the posting of information will be made to the Webmaster of Iroquois Trail Council. The Webmaster will review each request and the associated material or link target with the Scouting Executive or his designee prior to any inclusion within the Iroquois Trail Council Web site.


This web site and the information it contains is provided solely for the use of people interested in the Scouting program of the Iroquois Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America. It was developed, and is maintained by volunteer Scouters, as an additional means of communications for the benefit of our Scouting families, adult volunteer leaders, and the community at large.


All information contained herein, although believed to be accurate, is offered as a public service with no representation or guaranty as to its accuracy.

 The site will always be under construction, and will continually update the information when it becomes available. It can be quickly posted to the Web site without waiting for the next month's issue of the Iroquois Trail Council "Long House News". The information can be updated daily, or even more frequently. So, please check back often for the most current information.

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