2011 Silver Beaver Awards



2011 Silver Beaver Recipients

Lee Preston, Charles Crassi, Curtis Hall, Gordon Lew

Lee Preston of Barre said she was “kind of thrown into it,” her decision to help lead Scouts that meet at the West Barre United Methodist Church. She has volunteered with Scouts for 20 years, helping to grow the West Barre troop, even drawing Scouts from other towns. She was praised by the Council “as an excellent example of how to manage a successful rural outreach program.” Her son Jeremiah earned his Eagle and her younger son Noah, 14, is on his way to the top rank for a Scout.

Charles Crassi of Bergen didn’t join Scouts when he was a kid. His son Carmello wanted to participate in 1998, and Crassi backed him, becoming an active volunteer. Crassi has served in numerous roles, including Scoutmaster, and now helps train other adult and youth leaders. His son, 18, earned his Eagle rank. Other Scouts in Bergen attained Eagle under Crassi’s guidance. Crassi said he enjoyed the many Scouting activities the past decade with his son, from camping, to 50-mile hikes to the Pinewood Derby. “I had in my head I wanted to be in his life,” Crassi said after Saturday’s recognition program. “This was my way of sharing experiences with him.”.

Curtis Hall of Pendleton is a long-time Scout volunteer, from a Cub Scout Den leader to a District chairman, with many roles in between. He led several improvement projects at Camp Dittmer and also instructs training courses for Scoutmasters. Two of his sons have earned Eagle..

Gordon Lew from Wyoming serves as the Council’s camping chairman. He has pushed upgrades at Camp Sam Wood in Pike and Camp Dittmer in Phelps. Attendance at both camps is on an upswing, growing by double-digit percentage points each of the past four years. Lew worked 20 years with Scouts. He now works as a case supervisor with the Wyoming County Department of Social Services. He wants the Council to keep promoting the camp experience for Scouts. “It’s a learning laboratory for self discovery, character-building, team-building, citizenship and patriotism,” he said about the camps.

Complete Silver Beaver Alumni List (PDF)